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Minus 30 effin’ degrees

I was going to post something else today, but this is more of a ‘hot’ topic.


It feels like –35 degrees.

How can I explain that? Let’s see…

The moment you walk outside your jeans turn to cardboard. They hence don’t adhere to your skin and you feel every tiny gust of wind softly caressing your legs.

After two steps the snot freezes in your nose. Like it’s been dunked in liquid nitrogen.

After another ten steps your face freezes. At this point you could have thousands of voodoo needles stuck in your cheeks and still wouldn’t feel a thing. Then after another ten steps your face falls off.

When you walk inside heated place you feel like you’ve just set foot in heaven. The blood is rushing through your veins again. Now you can feel your toes. Oh, the warmth!

So if any of you living in a place where it’s more than –30 tells me that it’s unbearably cold, a piece of advice: SHUT IT!

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