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Sneezing is one of life’s little pleasures, I find.

D enjoys this little pleasure to the full. Bathes in the pleasure of that 1 second moment

Here’s how D sneezes:

1. The Chinese/Japanese martial arts sneeze

Hap-chaaaaa! which is followed by “haaaa-yaaaa!” and then the crouching snake position.

2. The Bazooka sneeze


It takes you by surprise at first and your survival instinct makes you think “Bomb attack!” and take cover. But after about 100 of these mutant sneeze episodes you get used to it. You say Gesundheit! and open your umbrella 😉

When I was sneezing a lot last week he kept telling me “Don’t hold it in! It’s not good for you!” and when I told him that I wasn’t holding it in, he was all “So this is how you sneeze ‘Hap-tsee’? Like a little mouse?”

Yup, my big outburst moment sounds like an anemic mouse squeak!


This picture reminds me of the beautiful summer, and it’s now that I need this kind of thoughts the most, when it’s freezing and snowing outside.


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