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This story involves mucus

… so if you’re squeamish refrain from reading the rest.

I was as sick as a dog this weekend. The main symptom was extreme nasal congestion which I’m not completely rid off even now.

Anyway, since I had difficulties breathing I asked D to go to the pharmacy and pick up some Tylenol and a nasal decongestant. The one that comes in the form of a vial which you can stick up your nose and spray inside your nostril.

So when D came back, you know what he brought? This:


Which is basically water+salt and is meant to moisturize excessively dry nostrils. In case you didn’t quite grasp that, he bought something which adds MORE water to my already flooded airway ends.

He did have my best interest in mind, I know it. Because he spent a lot of time in the pharmacy trying to find the best one, and one that doesn’t make the symptoms worse than they are: on other vials it said “prolonged or excessive use may cause increase in nasal congestion”.

This was the only one that didn’t say that. And you know why? BECAUSE IT WAS SALT AND WATER!!!

We had to go to the drug store again, TOGETHER, so I could choose a good one myself.


And the minute I walked out of the store I sprayed 2 puffs in my nose and you know what? I breathed!!! For the first time in 2 days.

And you know what else? It didn’t feel that good inhaling that much air, all at once, no obstacles, when it’s –15 degrees outside. You feel like you’ve swallowed a tonne of ice and now icicles are forming in your pharynx. Not good at all!

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