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Noises from above

Weird noises are coming from the apartment upstairs. It wouldn’t be that disturbing if we knew what the source of the noise were. But struggle as we may, neither D nor I are able to figure out what our neighbors could be doing. No it’s not sex noises! And don’t look so innocent. I know what you were thinking.

There’s the morning noises that usually occur around 7:30 am in the neighbors’ bedroom. Those are almost like the sound of a ball [of density similar to a ping-pong ball] or some AA batteries rolling on the floor. The sound in itself is not that puzzling. It’s the accuracy of its recurrence that doesn’t give me peace. Sometimes I just lie in bed in the morning and wait for it. It became sort of a ritual and I am almost anxious when, come 7:30 I don’t hear the ball/batteries rolling on the floor.

Sometimes after this noise you hear the furniture-being-moved kind of noise. Are the two types of noises linked? Maybe. Are they independent? Also possible.

Let’s explore the possibilities here: are they playing ping-pong? I doubt it, because if they it would be so obnoxiously annoying that I would have to kill them. Are they playing petanque? Maybe mini-petanque, you know, like those mini-golf sets. Hey! Maybe they ARE playing mini-golf. Wow, I feel like Colombo!

Then there’s the noises that we hear in the middle of the day, afternoon-ish even. These are more like a cane falling and rolling on the floor. After you hear it several hundred times, you see it clear as daylight that it’s not batteries like in the morning ones, it’s something different, because the frequency is lower by a couple hundred Hz. Sometimes in the afternoon you hear the furniture noises. But that only happened once or twice.

So there you go, something that adds some more mystery in our everyday life. It actually feels like we’re living in an Agatha Christie novel, constantly wondering, constantly investigating every resonating detail of our neighbors’ lives.

The noises are actually so frequent and so unsurprising that whenever we hear something we chuckle for a while thinking “WHAT are they doing?”. What we should be asking ourselves is what our downstairs neighbors are thinking when I “travel” around the living room in my office chair, or when D drops his plastic bottle on the floor at 10 pm, or when we’re chasing each other screaming “Do you give up? Say you give up or I’m going to tickle you till you do!”. They probably think we’re actually a herd of ticklish elephants.


Raindrops on bus window. Photo taken last week. Yes, rain in Montreal, IN FEBRUARY!


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  • Could they be exercizing? And the noises, could they be coming from some equipment they use? I think it would make some sense, especially if you add the moving-about-of-the-furniture noise…

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