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A bit… well, stuck

I am incapable of opening a carton of milk. We usually buy the ones without a cap because the carton ones are cheaper.

But we might just have to pay the extra buck because my brain cells seem to stumble on something when confronted with a matter of such sort.

Every time I have to open a carton I become somewhat puzzled, flustered, I never know which end of the carton to grab or which one I must pull on. Why won’t it open? My fingers start hurting, I get annoyed and then I think ‘this can’t be right, I’ll try the other end’. And so I open the carton at both ends, completely butchering it so that when you want to pour milk in a glass it spills all over the place. Total disaster!

Last time when D realized what ‘work of art’ I’d accomplished he laughed and asked “Honey, do you do that by choice?”.

And he proceeded to give me a milk carton opening tutorial. “See, you just take this end, pull this part out and then open it!”

Yes, as easy as 1, 2, 3. So what is wrong with me? Is it a left brain – right brain thing like socializing or using a map? Am I a bit impaired when it comes to such an easy task? Dunno. Maybe. Maybe my synapses are oversolicited when it comes to dealing with milk containers. Dealing with genes, mutant species or DNA tweaking is fine, gimme’ that everyday! But when it comes to simple matters my brain seems to get a bit… well, stuck.


Cold day in Montreal a few weeks ago.


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  • Alex, there was an episode of Friends where Joey as doing an infomercial selling ‘special’ spouts (with a needle at one end), which could be used to puncture the top of a milk carton for easy pouring.

    “Now I can have milk every day!”

    When I was a kid, and we had lunchtime milk-carton deliveries, opening the carton was my favourite bit!

  • Incapably smart. Bet your brain’s used to dealing with complicated stuff so it’s reasonable for you to not be able to solve problems… like opening a milk carton?? Haha…

    *coughs* excuse me…

  • Phil, I was thinking about that while I was writing the post. If I could get my hands on one of those “I would have milk everyday too”

    Rad, welcome to The Tell-Tale Blog! And thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  • Oh well then I thank you for having noticed that quickly =P

    Hope one day when I have a kid I can tell him a tale taken from one of yours.


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