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Cute links

I’m not in the mood and I can’t find the necessary inspiration to write anything blog-worthy today.

So here are some nice Internet finds.

Cute credit card: Google Me
You can actually download this from here and print it .


Sitcom map


Google Classic: I LOVE this so much, and I know there are postcards like this out there in the real world. Does anyone have any idea where I could find one?


Pictures which changed the world (see more pics by clicking this link):

the-first-xray dolly-the-sheep

che-guevara nagasaki

afgangirl earthrise

All finds are via No Quedan Blogs.

Comments (2)

  • Roger Ebert has written on the feeling of ‘Elevation’, sort of ‘a feeling of spreading, liquid warmth in the chest and a lump in the throat’.

    Some of those photographs make me feel the same way. Especially the one with the Earthrise.

  • I can’t get past the fact that most of them are photos of tragedy and suffering so terrible nothing can account or make up for it. I’m sorry, Phil, but “elevation” is not even on my list…


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