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Everything is better with Bluetooth

Last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, possibly the nerdiest show in the history of television, featured a conversation which shamelessly blended the words “flower beret” and “bluetooth” in the same sentence.

Penny is the sexy, blonde girl living across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard, two physicists whose degree of nerdness is betrayed by their mere names. In this episode Penny wants to launch her own business: making flower berets. Helpful as always, the boys want to give her a hand. How could she expand her business into the male customers market? After only a moment’s hesitation one of them exclaims: “Let’s add bluetooth!”. And this is followed by “AAAHs”,“OOOOHs”,”Brilliant, men love bluetooth” and other such approving ovations from the rest of the members of the nerd gang much to Penny’s surprise. “You want to make a hair beret WITH BLUETOOTH?” she asks only to receive the inescapable answer from Sheldon “Penny, everything is better with bluetooth!”

This, I say, is something to live by!


A little something from lady Spring!


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  • Oohh…daffodils are my favourite flowers

  • Ice Cream would go great with Blue Tooth!!

  • Named my blootueth Yellowtooth…


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