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Gambling… check! Or not…

A while ago, D and I were watching an episode of Star Trek, from season 2 I think.

If the question on your mind right now is “but I thought girls didn’t like Sci-Fi stuff where the rate per min of words such as ‘photon torpedo’, ‘anti-matter’, ‘deflector shields’,’sensors’ is way above that in an average conversation about make-up, outfits, shoes and pretty dresses… Why are you watching that?” let me clear things up for you. I watch it because IT. IS. AWESOME!

So in this episode we were watching commander Riker, Geordi and Worf are trapped in a computer-generated world based on a 20th century novel. This entire world is comprised of a hotel/casino where the novel is set. Obviously there’s a lot of gambling going on. At one point in the episode Riker says something in the lines of “All these people care about is gambling.”

So D turns to me and says “Been there, done that!” alluding to his recent work-related trip to Las Vegas.

I give him one of my looks, as in “You haven’t gambled!” which prompts him to quickly rephrase: “Ahem! Been there!”



Taken this winter from our balcony. I like the color of the sky so much, the yellow hue of the house, and the way you can see a tiny moon through the branches. Do you see it?

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