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Knock, knock! Who’s there? KGB!

D and I have just finished watching the last episode from The Office. You know how in every episode they have those first couple of scenes at the very beginning that are sort of independent of the rest of the show?

Well, I think the opening of this episode was THE BEST EVER! These might just be the most hilarious 46 seconds in this show, IMO.

Just watch it!

Later edit: Sorry guys, this video is not working anymore.

But I found this one: slightly out of sync but ok.

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  • God this makes me regret the fact that I missed it earlier this week! The Office makes me laugh so much. Perfect after a difficult and trying day at work. I wonder if they have the episodes online? I’m going to go check! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  • Dwight, get the door.

  • hahaha – i love the th office.

    but erm – what does dwight say after micheal answers the door to the KGB joke?

  • Jyo, after the 1st KGB joke, Dwight says “We will ask the questions!” in a Russian accent. I think this one is a classic knock, knock joke. But the funnier part is the 2nd joke, when Jim says “the KGB will wait for no one”. Hilarious!

  • Actually it sounds more like German even though the KGB was Russian.

    Still, very funny video, probably one of the funniest intros of the office.


  • I Agree Best opening scene Ever its funnier when Jim Goes the “ZE KGB VILL VAIT FOR NO ONE!” and then dwight goes “Its true”


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