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Tira mi su and speaking Italian

Today I slept for half an hour from 5:30-6:00 pm which I don’t think have ever done before. I was so tired though that my eyes literally closed while I was browsing through the blogs in my RSS Feed list! Dozing while browsing!

Anyways, I’m going to bed in a few minutes but I just wanted to share some of my late-night thoughts with you guys.

First of all, I found out that Tira mi su means “pull me up” in Italian. I didn’t know that. Pretty neat!

Second, check out this overheard conversation on a plane. I read about it on Dooce.com:

First guy: “Dude, you got Internet where you live?”

Second guy: “Um… what?”

First guy: “The INTERNET! You know, Google and stuff.”

Second guy: “Dude, it’s 2009. The Internet is everywhere. Of course I have it where I live.”

First guy: “It’s not everywhere, man. It’s not in the woods and shit. They don’t run those wires out into the middle of nowhere.”

Second guy: “Okay, maybe not in the woods, but most people have access to the Internet.”

First guy: “Or out in the ocean. I bet you can’t get the Internet on a boat.”

Second guy: “Well, see, they make these things where you can access the Internet wirelessly.”

First guy: “Wire-what?”

Second guy: “Wirelessly. It works kind of like a cell phone. Do you know what a USB port is?”

First guy: “Dude, whatever. That’s all future shit. Sounds like you’re speaking Italian.”

I wonder how that first guy got on the plane in the first place… I bet he didn’t do his check-in online! So what does Heather (the out-of-this-world talented writer from Dooce.com) say about this?

I’ve decided that from now on whenever Jon leans across his desk and starts talking about a new software update I’m supposed to run on my computer, I’m going to hold up my hand and go WAIT. STOP. SOUNDS LIKE YOU’RE SPEAKING ITALIAN.

I’m thinking the same could apply when D talks to me about servers, certificates and smartcards. Only that I actually understand Italian.


Although not a tiramisu, I was compelled to post this picture of a very chocolate-y cake. I’m drooling!

Amandina Cake

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