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Let me begin by saying that top in the “what I love about D” list is his sense of humor. A close second would be his curly hair and then the way his eyes turn a bit green in the sunlight. This is where you go “awww!” or “D and Alex sitting in a tree…”, you pick!

Anyways, he’s a funny guy, my boyfriend! And sometimes the things he says are so mind-blowing hilarious that I cannot refrain from sharing them with the Internets. Not just the Internet, the Internet and all its relatives.

Like this time when we came back from the Montreal Biodome with dozens of pictures of the colorful creatures from the rainforest. Among them was this lovely shot of a snake shedding its skin. Also notice the tongue coming out of the snake’s mouth! It’s very important for the rest of the story.

Skin Shedding

The shot is superbly executed, the amount of detail is just amazing. Kudos to D for being such a good photographer!

So we’re browsing through the photos, and we’re thinking: for what DP Challenge competition could we submit this snake picture?

[For those of you who don’t know DP Challenge, it’s a site for photographers where each week they have competitions on a certain theme like “Movie titles”, “Fauna”, “Silence”, “Remember those?”, etc. and you have to post a picture on that theme.]

Unfortunately the themes at that time had nothing to do with snakes, or wild-life or any other green creatures with their tongues sticking out!

The next words that came out of D’s mouth brought me to a state of mental paralysis.

“This picture would be a definite winner for a competition called ‘Green’ or ‘With tongue’!”

You know when you’ve got so many things to say, that you actually don’t know where to begin? That was me, shell-shocked from the limitless possibilities of replying to that sentence. WITH TONGUE!!! Where did that come from? How exactly did those IT-guy synapses fire in that particular moment to generate this?

And just to show you that my mind functions in the same way, the next thing out of my mouth, in the middle of the laughter hysteria that took over my being was “It could totally work as a picture entitled ‘frenching’… in a challenge called ‘French style’.”

You know those weird ink blots that psychiatrists show their often disturbed patients? I wonder if they’d send us to the loony bin when we’d associate a hissing snake to making out!


Do you see a stripper too?

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  • O.O that was a scary snake picture….

    and I see a clown


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