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Chic Sundays: Chuck’s outfits

Friday evening began what will be known as the Pushing Daisies phase of my life.

I have no idea how I haven’t watched this show until now (thanks again Phil), it’s absolutely amazing!

Not only are the story and the setting as if stolen from a fairy tale, or Amelie Poulain, but also, Chuck’s outfits are to die for [Chuck is short for Charlotte, btw]!

Look at those colors, so fruity!

chuck's outfits collage

When it comes to dresses, I’ve got a real soft spot for 50s outfits. They’re so feminine, playful and classy at the same time.

pushing-daisies chuck dresses collage

Isn’t this yellow dress adorable?

pushing daisies chuck yellow dress

The style of this one is a bit unconventional for everyday wear but it’s wonderful nonetheless.

pushing daisies chuck yellow and green flower dress

What did I tell you? Absolutely divine!

pushing daisies chuck red dress

And here is a little “collage” from Polyvore. 



I hope you found this as inspiring as I have!

Have a great day guys!

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  • I knew you’d love the dresses! Some of my girl friends who watch the show also watch it almost solely for the dresses.

  • Ahh I watch that show solely for Lee Pace. I’m so sad this show is already over!

  • I looooove Pushing Daisies, and I think Ned is the cutest, ever. I’m also a huge Christin Chenoweth fan, and you’re right, the outfits and sets are divine…so basically, that show is crack. LOVE.

  • I have always adored her wardrobe. So sad this show won’t be on anymore…why I ask!??

  • Love this post. I linked to it on my blog (http://littlestsmitten.blogspot.com) last night after watching the show and searching online for pictures of Chuck and her great style. Love your Polyvore collage too!

  • Wow, these outfits are soo cute!
    im definately making the red dress for myself!
    Thank you for posting this, it looks great!


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