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Chic Sundays: shoes like candy

I’d like to take this opportunity to declare my undying love for J Crew and all the goodies in that store. But especially the shoes.

The flats, the pumps, the heels, the d’Orsays, peep-toe, no peep-toe, with bow, bow-less, the shoes are divine.

Take a gander.

J crew collage

J crew Lulu shimmer bow J crew Blue peep toe pumps

J crew orange polka dots pumps J crew pink bow pumps

J crew yellow pumps bow J crew mary janes

J crew black flats J crew pattern

J crew 3 colors mary jabes J crew flower flats

Is there a person in the right mind that can tell me they don’t like these shoes?

How can you not like them?

I’ll tell you what: if any of you guys feels mighty generous one day and wants to send me a gift for all the laugher, joy and love that I bring into your life or the piece of heaven that The Tell-Tale Blog is [I am modesty personified!] well, you know what to get me. Any of the above will do.

I’ll just be right here waiting…


Comments (4)

  • I’m afraid to ask how many pairs of shows you have.

  • I must know where you found the last pair of floral flats….

  • –@ Erica: I found the picture on this website http://www.thefind.com/apparel/info-ballet-floral-flats
    They should direct you to the J Crew website.
    The shoes are actually for little girls, but I have friends with small feet who buy shoes from the kids’ department. Unfortunately, I have relatively big feet…
    The item # on the J Crew website is 16343 and they’re only $98.

    –@Phil: I don’t have a special closet for my shoes, if that’s what you’re asking. I’d say a reasonable number of pairs for someone who really loves shoes.

  • aaaaaaah jcrew shoes are so adorable! the bows are to die for!!


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