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Would you take your pants off?

I has already seen this video and perhaps so have you. But I just came across it on Swiss Miss and watched it again.



The title is pretty much self-explanatory.

People basically take their pants off during the subway ride. It doesn’t surprise me that much since it takes place in NYC, the land of unconventional.

What’s funny are people’s (not the pantless ones, the other ones) reactions. They range from “OMG, only in NYC” to the bitch face “You people are so degenerate”, to “Hey look at that man, no pants!” to the one of the guy at 1:07 and 1:26 who basically cannot believe his eyes “Oh, man where did I land? A, I experiencing side-effects of an alien abduction? Because I can’t explain why I’m seeing women in underpants on my way to work”. Just look at his expression. It’s priceless.


Now I ask myself and you guys: would I/you have the guts to pull this off?

I guess I could probably find the courage to do this. IF I were wearing the right type of underwear. Not too revealing if you catch my drift… It’s just about doing something out of the ordinary, I say.

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