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Berries and cherries

One of my favorite parts of summer, is the afternoon light. The way it falls on my desk by the window, making the entire room seem so warm as if taken from a movie set in the 50s.

That light begs to be photographed. Even when the subject is something as common as a bowl of berries.




Are you drooling? Yes? So am I.



My favorite are raspberries and I love eating them off the top of my fingers, like Amelie.


This picture makes my hands look like ET’s, doesn’t it?


Same table, same bowl only yellow not blue and this time filled with cherries.

I love the way this picture turned out. I’m actually thinking about printing and framing it – add it to the ever growing stack of pictures that are waiting for a place on the walls.




Oh boy do I love cherries! If I had to attribute a quality or a trait to each fruit, cherries would be “sexy”. It’s all about that fleshiness that makes them seem almost voluptuous…


Comments (3)

  • mmmm those berries look delicious!

  • –@ Bookish Spazz: They WERE delicious, a dose of vitamin C and pure bonheur!

  • Cool photos — I am SERIOUSLY craving berries right now!

    also, raspberries are my favourite too. 🙂


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