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Do you also see French fries?

D took this picture of a dandelion with a 100mm f/2.8 lens.




We’re looking for different things in a photo, D and I. He’s doing a lot of pixel picking. Sharpness is key when post-processing a photo. Each little detail must be perfect, every hair, every drop of water, every wrinkle. If you can count the eyelashes of your subject, D will be very pleased.

I, on the other hand, am more about contrast and colors and oooh, depth of field. I can go with less than perfect sharpness, or a slightly noisy photo. If the colors are vibrant and the contrast just right to make the picture come alive than I’m happy.


This 100mm lens is a real gem. It’s got everything. Look at that depth of field. The background is so smooth you can’t tell me what was behind that flower, can you? And you can see all the small striations on the petals.

Needless to say D was really happy with the end result of his dandelion and asked me if I like it.

I’m not crazy about the photo despite the excellent quality and detail. I’m hard to please, what can I say…


“It looks like a bath rug” I said. “Actually no, it makes me think of French fries”.

“French fries? Are you hungry?”


I wasn’t hungry. But even now when I look at the picture I still see McDonald’s fries.

Do you also see French fries in this picture? Please say yes so I don’t look like the only weirdo.

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  • Absolutely. Then again, they actually KNOW my order at Micky D’s in our hometown, even though I only visit them once a month, so… And it runs thusly:

    – 1 Big Mac
    – 1 double cheeseburger
    – 1 order of french fries, big
    – 1 order of weeges
    – 1 cup of Coke, big
    – 1 chocolate milkshake, big
    – 1 chocolate muffin
    – 1 cherry pie

    Can you guess my motto? If you thought “Go big or go home” go have yourself a cupcake or something just as sweet, you were right. Also, all of that really is just for me, and no, I’m not 300 lbs, I barely come in at 110. Don’t hate me because I’m skinny. Not you, babes, you’re skinnier than me, bitch! 😛 Told you you look like a model, but I love you for your heart and brain. Especially the brain sounds yummy, gaaaahhh… Crickey, I’ve officially gone completely bonkers from over half a year with no paid vacation, good thing it’s coming really soon, huh?

  • –@ Twee Bubbly Klutz: yes, you have gone bonkers! And please refrain from eating McDonald’s. It’s the worst choice in terms of food that you could choose. It’s like giving yourself an IV with pesticides, oil and harmful chemicals, just for the sake of reducing your life span.

  • > It’s like giving yourself an IV with pesticides, oil and harmful chemicals

    Oh puleeze.

    It seems that all of a sudden, it has become fashionable to hate McDs. See the ‘criticism’ section of the Wikipedia page for the Super Size Me documentary.

    My cousin practically ate McDonalds every single day over the course of an entire summer. He put on no weight from beginning to end and is in fine working order. That is not to say that his case was typical, nor is it a recommendation that one should consume excess amounts of fast food — simply to point out that eating McDs is so not comparable to pumping pesticides, oil and harmful chemicals into your blood stream.

    I was quite pleased when the triple-gold medalist Usain Bolt joked about eating at McDs while he was in Beijing.

    Bottom line is, eating a big meal at McDonald’s once a month (see above) is not going to reduce your life span in any significant way (assuming you otherwise lead a healthy lifestyle).

  • –@Phil: I’ll just go ahead and write a whole post about what I have to say on this subject.


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