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Pondering supermarket switch

So here’s what happened to me today.

I came home from work, and wanting to change clothes, I began to unbutton my shirt. [Stop what you’re thinking right this instant!] But I realized that I needed to go grocery shopping and changed my mind about changing clothes. So I grabbed my wallet and a shopping bag and left the house.


As I opened the front door of the building on my way out, a guy who was just walking in gave me this “How you doin’?” look which of course I ignored because I’ve come to the realization that there are a lot of weirdos out there. Anyway, I get to the grocery store, I fill my basket with everything I needed and head to the cash desk to pay. The cashier – a 20-something year old, or maybe even a teenager greets me with a smile and says nothing. In the meantime I’m thinking about how I’m going to cook the salmon I’d just bought, whether I should ask for cash back and oh, boy is this bag of potatoes heavy!


There was nobody else in line at that desk, so I was expecting the guy to give me a hand with putting all the groceries in the bag, but to my surprise he just stood there while I reached over the 5 feet of counter space for the potatoes, the fish, and everything else. I was getting a bit pissed off so I gave the guy the “hey, schmuck, would you mind helping me out here?” look only to realize that his look was locked on the result of a failed attempt to properly button my shirt before I left the house.


Upon the realization that the first button of my shirt was unfastened and that all that reaching and stretching my arms had placed my bra was in plain sight I think I’ve turned all shades of red and then a bit farther into the infrared spectrum. The guy displayed a perpetual smirk on his face, I assume partly attributable to the sight and partly to my flustering. I dropped all the bags and everything I was holding and I tell you, my brain-hand coordination could not have been faster and more efficient. I buttoned my shirt, took the receipt, grabbed the bags and was out of the supermarket before you could say “I can see your bra!”.


Luckily enough my bra wasn’t revealing at all, and nothing popped out if you catch my drift, so a big phew! on this one. But still, it was quite an embarrassing moment, believe you me! And I do hope that guy is just a temp because I don’t want my grocery shopping trips to spawn inner musings of the type “Look there comes the girl that almost showed me her boobs”.

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  • Oooh Ouch! Recovery from this incident should be swift, as young boys are not likely to keep a job long.

  • I sure hope so. Oh well, there are worse things that could happen…


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