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Caity, a Math teacher, lover of computer games and possessor of an angelic singing voice, sent me 5 words and I’m supposed to say what they mean to me. Well, here it goes.


Science: talk about doing what you love! I’ve always been fascinated by the way living things work, especially us humans. My Mom is a doctor so maybe I got this from her, although I don’t remember my parents trying to influence me in any way as far as my interests go. I didn’t go to Med School but instead landed in medical research. And here the doors of heaven were thrown wide open. I get to do all sorts of fascinating experiments, and get a peek of how our body responds to disease, how cells work, how genes function and sometimes read very, very silly articles about gas.

Sure, science has its tough parts: experiments don’t always work, sometimes you have to work with dangerous, skin-burning, tumor-inducing chemicals, so maximum care is required. But that’s the fun of it! It kind of makes me want to say “yes, I work with ethidium bromide. It’s thought to induce cancer. I live dangerously. I’m like James Bond”.

Doing what I do gives me such satisfaction that I contribute with something to this world. I’m not just a burger-flipper. My work will possibly (hopefully) contribute to saving someone’s life one day.


Blog: talk about doing what you love! I don’t actually know why I started The Tell-Tale Blog. Out of boredom, possibly out of the desire to be a bit out of the ordinary, I couldn’t say. The thing is that if I stopped blogging now, I would definitely miss it. I would feel like I’m wasting that part of myself designed to tell strangers about my silly existence and the crazy stuff my boyfriend does. When I first discovered blogs (which was quite late, about 2-3 years ago), it was one of those WOW! (no, not World of Warcraft, Caity) moments. Suddenly I was reading stories written by people I didn’t know and yet I did, I was learning so many things about everything, I was connected with the world and I was a part of it! I have grown so much culturally ever since I joined the blogosphere, it really boggles my mind when I think of it!


Family: talk about what you love! I am so grateful to my family for their love, support, the little fights we had over the years, for being such a crazy bunch, for making me feel protected and loved, and loved, and loved.

I found this picture of my sister from her wedding day. She is such a poser! And such a cutie-pie. I love her so, so much…



Photography: talk about doing what you love! This is one of the things that blogging brought along. My love for photography started while reading Dooce, looking at the photos on her blog and wondering how the hell does she do it? I had a crappy Kodak at that time. So pictures were not good. Then we upgraded to a Canon and it all snowballed from there: lenses, filters, cameras, the whole shenanigan. Photography brings me joy. I can’t put it in any other words. I feel happy when I walk around the city, capturing small details I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Photography helped me grow and develop artistically and it continuously helps us build memories. My dream is to, one day have a book called “Our life in photos” with many, many pictures taken throughout many, many years.


Shopping: talk about doing what you’re almost obsessed about! Well, not really, thank God. I do like to shop. What girl doesn’t? But as I’ve said, I’m not doing that Isla Fisher thing, I know when to stop, the clothes are not winking at me from the windows, but I still love it. Clothes-wise I don’t spend fortunes on high-end designer stuff. I’m a poor student, remember? I usually shop when there’s a sale, and I buy stuff on eBay. I can’t really say I prefer online shopping because there’s a certain thrill to real shopping, right chicas? but sometimes buying a shirt with 3 clicks is so much more comfortable.

I like vintage stuff, and not just clothes. Everything seems to be better if it’s been part of someone’s life before and I like to think this love for vintage is also a side-effect of blogging. Where else but on the tens of blogs I read everyday would I learn how utterly in love I am with furniture and outfits from the 50s?

And oh, man, I love Etsy. I remember when I first discovered it I spent a whole day browsing through the pages full of eye candy. Honestly, I can’t imagine how people decorated and satisfied their need for affordable art and handmade items when there was no Etsy.

Ok, I think I’d stop talking now. I could go on, and on and on about this. And it’s almost 12 am, so I might not make a lot of sense in what I say.


These 5 words were wisely chosen, Caity. Thanks.


Now, if you, reader, would like some words to write about on your blog, leave a comment below.

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  • wow, this was really fun to read 🙂

    Etsy is the bomb

  • Aw, what a lovely compliment at the start there. Thank you! I blushed. I am so glad that you chose to do this!

    I love that you are so passionate about science. Science has always fascinated me but I don’t think that emotionally I could handle going into that field of work. You have to be a special kind of person to work with science in such a special kind of way and for such a special purpose. I hope you can fulfill your goal one day.

    I giggled when you said “No, not World of Warcraft, Caity.” I’m glad that you love blogging so much. Blogging is always becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life and I’m glad that it means so much to other people too.

    I am glad you value your family so much. I do, as well. That is a beautiful photo of your sister and her husband. 🙂

    Yay for Canon! I’m a brand new photographer but I am always interested in learning more and it’s always great to see and read about other people’s photography. I think a lot of blogger photographers have been inspired by Dooce at some point or another. I have, too.

    I have to stop myself from browsing Etsy. I’d spend my entire savings account otherwise. 😛

    I’m so glad you did this! I hope you enjoyed it!


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