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(belated) Chic Sundays: Yes to carrots

I’ve been a tad obsessed with hair products lately – serums, hair masks, you name it!

On my last trip to the drug store I grabbed this hair mask only because it caught my eye, being so orange and all.




Then I read the label and I thought I’d give it a try since it’s supposed to contain the magic stuff from carrots…

I’m really loving the results so far. It leaves my hair smooth without making it limp and without volume.

I figured I should use stuff like this more often since walking around in this blazing sun is anything but good for my hair.

Comments (4)

  • ooooh…. I need to get some…

  • This sounds yummy–I always love trying new hair products, I will have to look for this.

  • Wow that is interesting. I never heard of anything like it. I might have to invest in some of this.

  • I’ve been searching for a good hair moisturizer! This one looks pretty good.


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