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Chic Sundays

Chic Sundays: blue and gray

D and I went to Aldo today, on a torrential rain.

He bought two pairs of shoes, and of course I couldn’t leave empty-handed. I stared at the handbag section for 20 minutes and finally decided to buy these babies that were 70% off.

A gray tote and a blue clutch.

gray tote blue clutch

Of course, neither of them is real leather, but at least they’re pretty and don’t look like plastic PU at all.

I’m curious: do you boys&girls prefer buying only a few but pricey quality items like Italian shoes, designer handbags, or do you also buy the not-so-famous brands for a lot less? Are labels really that important?

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  • Those are super cute. I love them! I personally get cheaper clothes and accessories. Labels mean absolutely nothing to me. More often than not, I’ll go for something that is handmade, for instance, buy something off etsy instead of buying something at a store.

  • I usually buy whats on sale, and sometimes the stuff on sale is the name brand stuff, and sometimes it’s something offbrand. Really, I don’t care, as long as it’s cute, like your new bags!

  • For me, the most important, when it comes to clothes, is the fabric. If it corresponds to the season in which I’m going to wear that piece and if don’t have the feeling that washing it 2 times will make it perfect for cleaning the floor, than it’s ok. On the second place is the color, on the 3rd place, it has to look good on me. So that’s my algorithmus when I buy something: touch it, identifiy color, try it 😛


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