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Feel good moments

When we were in Paris, at Trocadero, admiring the Eiffel Tower, eating a chocolate crepe (for this part “we” means “I”) and taking lots of pictures, I got the urge to buy one of those brass mini towers sold by every street merchant on a 10-mile radius.

I went up to a souvenir booth and asked “How much for the tower over there?”. The man who owned the booth looked at me and asked in return “Who’s it for? Is it for you?”. “Yes. It’s for me” I said. “Ok then, since you’re such a jolie demoiselle, I’ll sell it to you 2 euros cheaper”.

It wasn’t a big deal, I would have gotten it for 18 euros instead of 20, but it just felt good to know that just my smile can get me a 10% sale. See? 🙂 Now give me a 10% discount for whatever you’re selling!



A few days ago as I was walking home from work, wearing my knee-long skirt, a gust of wind blew all of a sudden and lifted my skirt a little bit. Not a lot, just half way between knee and upper thigh.

The wind was persistent and I was struggling to walk faster and keep my skirt as close to my legs as possible, a guy walked by and said : “You got some sexy legs!”. I was half creeped-out as I’m not used to people complimenting me on the street, but I mean my legs go up to my neck. You’d be crazy not to think they’re sexy. So, yeah! I was a bit flattered too, and I don’t care if you think I’m vain. Which I’m not. Just so you know.



Last week I wore my vintage crochet dress to work. At around 10 am I went to a coffee shop to get a cappuccino. And the girl who took my order looked at me for around 5 seconds than said “I really love your dress!”. I thanked her and told her it belonged to my Mom. “Well she has great taste and it looks very good on you!” she said back. Now how can you not feel good when that happens? Best cappuccino ever, too! 😉


What made you feel good lately?

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