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Ashley from Germato.com gave me the Happy 101 Award. Yay!

Thanks, Ashley!




Rules for the Happy 101 award

List 10 things that make you happy. Do at least one of them today. Tag 10 (or 5) bloggers that brighten your day.

For those bloggers who get the award, you then link back to my blog and create your makes you happy list.


Things that make me happy

1. D. His geekiness, his humor, HIS HAIR!, his warm bear hugs, his love for me and my love for him.




2. My little sister. She’s so much fun and such an adorable person and I love her so, so much…




3. Blogging. It’s so great to let my creative juices flow freely from my brain to my keyboard to the internet. I’ve learnt so many things and made so many friends since I’ve started blogging. Which brings me to #4.




4. My friends. The ones I’ve met and the ones I haven’t met (yet).






5. Photography. For making me see how beautiful everything around us actually is.




6. Brownies. ‘Nuff said.

7. Books. For their smell, the crazy, awesome, touching, revolting ideas their pages hide.




8. Shoes. Especially brightly colored ones.




9. Nachos. The way D makes them (chicken bits, chopped pepper, grated Cheddar, or Gruyere if you’re fancy-schmancy).

10. Spring flowers.


IMG_3403 IMG_3414


Bloggers that brighten my day (this is a female blogger-only list because I guess guys aren’t really into this kind of girly stuff). There’s a bonus blog from a wonderful Romanian blogger. So, in no particular order…


1. Sarah Von at Yes and Yes

2. Mary Jo at Trust Your Style

3. The Redhead at The Naked Redhead

4. Nina at Naturally Nina

5. A at The Glamorous Grad Student

6. Erica at Erica’s Bloggity Blog

7. FB at Fabulously Broke… in the City

8. Caity at Caity!.nu

9. Ambika at (Into) the Fray

10. Jen at When pigs fly

11. Miruna at Si blondele gandesc (Blondes think too, Romanian blog)

Comments (7)

  • Thanks cutie! What an honor!

  • Thanks Alex! I was just thinking today how funny that story was about the crazy moron who kept trying to take his picture with you when you were on your honeymoon. You seriously make me laugh with your posts, so there–that’s one of the things that makes me happy.


  • Many thanks. I will get on my list right now. Gives me something to blog about. Love the pictures by the way!

  • Are those all your photos? Cuz they’re wicked awesome

  • Aw, great list! It makes me so happy to read! Thanks for including me in your list! I’m honored! 🙂

  • > I guess guys aren’t really into this kind of girly stuff

    That’s right. We’re men. We like to write about chicks. And sports. And big monster trucks rolling over little monster trucks.

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