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Good with kids

My cousin’s daughter, BB is seven. She looks more like a nine-year old though and sometimes acts like a five-year old. And this 7-9-5 combo makes her really funny.

I hadn’t seen her since she was a few months old and when I saw her last summer, I was quite amazed at how much she has grown.


Although BB and I were born almost 20 years apart and haven’t seen each other for 7 years, we’ve become really good friends. And by friends I mean that she’s quite infatuated with me and I am constantly giving into her pleas to play with the hamster called either Ricky or Albert (she can’t make up her mind, so the poor creature must be utterly confused as its name changed every 2 hours), do some drawing and coloring, practice calligraphy or have a mini French lesson.


She’s in that phase where she tries to copy every step that I take. She asks me about the contents of my purse so she can reproduce it to the very last item in her own little girl bag. Wallet, check. Make-up pouch, check. Pad and pencil, check. “Do you have a Nintendo DS?… You don’t? Well, I won’t take mine either then. Do you have gum in your purse? Me too. What’s your favorite flavor? Watermelon? Mine too!”. Whenever want to get something to eat and she’s asked what kind of muffin she wants, she lets me say what I want first and then says “I’ll have a raspberry muffin too, please!”.


Last summer as we were walking along the streets of Old Montreal she was trying to read the names on the boutique signs with her funny Anglophone accent and every once in a while she would come up with a word and ask me the French translation. “How to you say fountain in French?” “How about pedestrian?… [Pee-eh-tow]? No? I can’t say the nasal sounds like you do… Yes, if I pinch my nose like this I CAN say it!!!”


This December we visited my cousin in Toronto and I got to enjoy BB’s firecracker-like personality a little more. We went to Niagara Falls one evening and the trip there made her so tired that the moment when we got home she kind of crouched beside the couch and refused to get up and go to sleep in her room. I’m assuming she finally did because next morning she greeted me with her huge smile from across the two-door bathroom. “What are you doing?” I was cleaning my hair as it had accidentally touched my toothbrush while I’d been brushing my teeth. “Oh, don’t worry about it! It happens to me too quite often.” What do you say when a 7-year old tells you not to worry if you brush your teeth like you’ve just learnt how to?


The cherry on the cake was like one of those moments when you see a kid point to a black&white cow on the field and then say to his mother “Look Mommy, a Dalmatian!”

We were driving to downtown Toronto on a Sunday morning and we could see the CN Tower appearing in the background. When she caught a glimpse of it BB loudly and excitedly remarked “Look Mommy, it’s the Eiffel Tower!”.


I guess this serves as a lesson for when I have some of my own: Be ye not surprised. Your offspring will say some crazy stuff!

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  • Crazy, yes, but also almost unbearable cute. I love this age when kids can talk, but not always in logical themes 😀

  • BB sounds adorable! Little kids can say such delightful things. 🙂

    There’s something for you on my blog as well.

  • Totally delicious!!


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