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Chic Sundays: nautical

It’s all about navy&white. And stripes. I am so in love with this kind of look that I think I’ll go ahead and declare this my favorite spring/summer.

This weekend I went to Simon’s, one of the loveliest stores in Montreal, and couldn’t stop exclaiming “Aww” every two seconds as I perused through the cardigans and blazers.

So I decided to put together a list with cute items for further inspiration.



Burfitt Elisa shorts from Standard Deviation (what a cute name for a clothing store!)




Bergdorf Goodman nautical trousers


Bergdorf goodman


Striped bag from Debenhams


debenhams bag


Nautical floral square scarf from Oasis


nautical oasis


Headband from Start London




Navy multi buttoned cardigan from Debenhams

The fabric buttons are so pretty. I’m actually thinking of upgrading some of my cardigans like this.


navy cardigan cardigan detail


Be Beau nautical striped dress from Matalan


striped dress striped dress detail


Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve tee on Etsy


Wear Your Heart on Your sleeve


Sailor’s Knot Necklace on Etsy


The Vamoose SailorsKnot

Comments (2)

  • It’s funny to see the nautical trousers. Over here in Britain, skinny trousers are in. Personally, I just can’t take any guy seriously who wears skinny jeans, but on tall, skinny (gorgeous) girls, it looks okay. Personally, I’m not a fan in general of the skinny revolution.

    By the way, what in the world is a headband and why does it cost £80?

  • @Phil: Totally agree with you on the skinny situation.
    A headband is something you put on your head, to sort of hold your hair up. I have no idea why 2 curtain holders cost 80 pounds… It’s absurd.


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