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Link love Fridays

Link love Fridays: I’m back baby!

You’d better believe it! After a week fighting with germs and another one without my laptop I am finally in my usual blogging condition. Snot-free and with an upgrade to Windows 7.


Here’s my list with a few cute links for this week. Hope you enjoy!


Search through thousands of Flickr Creative Commons photos by color using Multicolr.




Do Not Leave Unattended is such an awesome idea! It’s basically like the Travelling Pants thing except with a notebook where you’re supposed to draw and jot down your thoughts. My favourite entries are these.








And finally, a video that had me laughing soooo much! I rarely laugh like that. Many of you might now Remi Gaillard but until today I had just seen his “How to eat for free at a McDonald’s” gig, I had no idea who he is. Apparently he’s quite famous and utterly shameless!



My favourite is the PacMan bit.


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  • LOVE the Pac Man one! Found it awhile ago via Matador Network…he has a bunch like that on his website.

  • omg, these are so hilarious! I am still laughing!

    xo Mary Jo

  • That video was crazy. Kind of reminded me of “Jackass” from back in the day on MTV. LOL.


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