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Missing in action

I have a horrible cold, which D was kind enough to share. I was pretty arrogant to think that my immune system could handle all the germs abounding around D for the last few days. But obviously, my stuffy nose and the fact that tea or Tylenol are not doing anything for me right now, I need antibiotics running through my veins, say HELL NO, YOUR IMMUNNE SYSTEM HAS LEFT TO CUBA WITH HIS MISTRESS!


Right this instant I tried to say Mamma and Bubba. They sound exactly the same. So I just refuse to think about how I’m going to breathe through the night… Two seconds ago I tried to breathe in through my overly congested nose right about when D was coming towards me to give me a kiss (like that would make it all better!). The sound that came out of my nasal cavity was so unappealing that he just changed his mind and walked away. “No, wait, it’s my mating call!” – a mix between a dying bagpipe and a tomato falling on concrete.


So yeah, basically I want to unscrew my feels-like-a-watermelon-stuffed-with-molten-lava head from my shoulders, drop it on the floor and kick it.


Posting will be a bit scarce until I can breathe without scaring anyone.

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  • Oh no! I hope that you feel better soon! That doesn’t sound very pleasant!

  • Oh so sorry to hear you’re sick! I have so been there, there’s nothing to do but go to bed and take your medicine. The good news is that you will get better and life will seem so wonderful and bright when you return. Miss you!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Hope you feel better soon!


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