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My Mom, the woman who went to Med School for 6 years, studied anatomy in its most detailed form, physiology, pathology and other such subjects ending in –logy, is a rather superstitious person. Not Friday the 13th, or stepping under a ladder ones, crazy, weird Romanian ones, that I’m sure you didn’t know yet.


She believes in dreams, especially bad ones. That they’re a sign for something unpleasant about to happen. Apparently water in dreams is bad, bad, bad. Especially if it’s muddy, dirty water. And if you’re in it, you’re in big trouble, buddy. I don’t know if it’s the female intuition that teams up with her subconscious and is producing all these dreams, but whenever something bad happens to someone she knows, she often tells me she had a dream involving them and water. It’s pretty weird, really.


She believes that when your eye, especially the left one, twitches it’s a bad sign. Again, female intuition or not, she thinks that these muscle spasm foretell some kind of unfortunate events. I guess to some extent it is true since eye twitching occurs either because you’ve been staring at goats the computer for a long time or you’ve got a calcium deficiency. Either way, you couldn’t be very happy.


My favourite one is the empty bucket thing. My Mom believes that seeing someone with an empty container before going to an important meeting or exam will bring only rain and hail your way, so you may as well save yourself the trouble and call the whole thing off. It also works the other way around: see someone carrying a bucket of water or drinking out of a full bottle of Coke and you can’t fail. I remember that after I took my highschool entry exam, she told me she knew I would ace it because she kept seeing full things everywhere. Crazy stuff, right?


What weird stuff do you believe in?

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  • This is so funny, I love the way you write Alex! I am not too superstitious but the few times I have had random important dreams, they always come true. Weird, I know, shades of your mom. And I talked to an angel in the form of a drunk guy in a bar the night before my dad passed away. Again, weird. But true.

    Hope you are feeling better!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Interesting. I haven’t heard of any of those. The dream thing really freaks me out. Now, if I start dreaming of water I”m going to be worried.


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