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Link love and inspiration: fave photographers

I am a little bit behind in my Friday and Sunday posts. With all the moving commotion, the fact that our office space is not yet fully functional comes a diminished blogging power.

Today I’ll share a mix of Friday link love and Sunday inspiration. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favorite portrait photographers, so feel free to love their work and be inspired by it.

A little disclaimer first though:

I’m mostly inspired by lifestyle photographers like those that shoot at weddings, engagement sessions, children and family portraits. I don’t really like studio photos or fashion photography because although the technique and post processing are most of the times exquisite, I find they don’t capture real, pure emotions.


So here it goes, in alphabetical order.



They’re a group of photogs from Indonesia who shoot mostly weddings and engagement sessions. I love their crazy and goofy ideas and the way they capture the color and the joy of the couple in every shot.








Butterfly Moments Photography

I’ve mentioned Caroline’s amazing work before. She and Steve were our wedding photographers and we met again with Caro in Montreal when she was on her way to the WPPI 2010. Last year when we were searching for someone to shoot our wedding, and came across their site we knew they were the ones we wanted. Caro’s photography is all about sweetness, warm tones and vintage accents. And a lot of color! How can you not love this?

These are some pictures of D and me taken by Caro in Montreal. Somehow even covered in slimy, grey snow the city looks so much better in her photos.








Leah Profancik Photography

Leah photographs mostly kids, and what a treat her pictures are! Colors are a primary element, along with the most delicate sunset light and childhood innocence.

The goofiness in this first one makes it my absolute favorite picture of a little one EVER!








Simply Bloom Photography

Oh brother, these two girls are amazing! I could recognize their pictures out of a million! Faded colors for that beautiful vintage look, back lighting, sunsets and wonderful composition! So dreamy!








Shana Rae

She also takes pictures of babies and kids and her photos are real works of art. I love the way she uses textures and the whole atmosphere of all her photos. Not to mention the sweetness of her own kids! She captures unique instants, take this first picture for instance, a little girl with Mom’s pearls. Serious, childish, cute and delicate. [Sigh]








So there you have it! Talk about a feast for the eyes, right? I hope you’re as inspired as I am by there wonderful artists. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

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