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So we went to see Inception a few weeks ago, when it first came out. Great, great movie, by the way. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself and your imagination a favour and get your butt in a cinema near you!


Anyway, what I meant to tell you doesn’t have as much to do with the movie per se, as it has to do with D’s comment at the end.


So here’s the deal, he says. There’s a dream within a dream, within another dream. What’s more, at the end you don’t know if it was all a dream or not. And you want to hear something ironing (or really meta, I would have added)? I fell asleep for a little while during the movie and was actually dreaming about it!


This comes from a guy who took a nap during Cirque du Soleil. The dramatic music, he says is very soporific. So really, there’s no surprise that he was snoozing while Ellen Page was building upside down worlds.


On the same topic… from the Vie de Merde website, the French equivalent of FML.

Aujourd’hui, au ciné, je regarde Inception avec une amie qui m’attire beaucoup. Fin du film, lumières encore éteintes, je tente ma chance, déclare "Juste pour vérifier si on est dans un rêve...", puis l’embrasse. Je reçois une gifle monumentale et sa réponse : "Tu la sens bien, la réalité ?" VDM

Today, at the cinema I’m watching Inception with a female friend of mine that I’m really attracted to. End of the movie, lights still out, I try my luck and say “Just to check if we’re in a dream…”, then I kiss her. I get a monumental slap and her answer: “Do you feel reality now?”. FML.

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