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Let’s take a trip together!

I have been bitten by the travel bug a while ago. Can’t say exactly when, probably around the time I started loving taking pictures of everything around me. You see, I love everything about traveling – the anticipation, the planning, the lists of things to see, places to eat, and activities to take part in, the actual packing (mentally putting together outfits for such and such occasion is making me giddy), the adventures (both good and bad, in retrospect), the desire to see this, that, and that too, the picture taking (of course!), the journal entries I sometimes write to remind myself of a certain moment, and naturally all the memories crammed in my brain which come to life again and again as I browse through the hundreds of pictures filling the memory cards.


I can’t imagine how anyone would not like that, and yet some prefer staying at home, tending the garden or the barbeque instead of trekking the globe, exploring new places and broadening their minds. A friend of mine said that maybe the “I heart traveling” goes hand in hand with us being scientists, having inquisitive minds and also hearting the thrill of new discoveries. I am positive this is true; discoveries, either scientific or cultural don’t tickle everyone’s fancy, but for the ones that are lucky enough to have their fancy tickled, the prospect of a new trip somewhere far away is exhilarating!


As for me, when I travel I like the experience to rise to certain standards. And I’m not talking about those of hotels. I like being exposed to the culture and the rhythm of the new place, understand it intimately as if I had been living there for years. I prefer visiting places naturally influenced by the human existence instead of artificial resorts which teach me nothing. I would like to go to Mexico or Morocco or Turkey. But not to linger by the pool with a cocktail in my hand and then brag about how adventurous I am and what exotic places I’ve visited. A day at the spa has more action than that.


Which is why, I would love to go to these places:


Havana – for the architecture of the Old Town and the vintage cars.


Havana .. Timeless 

Iceland – for sceneries like this,


Gullfoss, Iceland 

hot springs,


Autumn at the highland of Iceland 

and the aurora borealis.




Santorini – an old item on my list. For everything that this place is: unique villages, food incorporating some of my favourite ingredients, and a sea so blue you think it’s photoshopped.


Oia - Santorini 

Tuscany – because I love hills, the sun, and ripe tomatoes.


Tuscany - Orcia valley (Val d´orcia)



Tuscany III


What’s on your travel list? I’d love to hear!

Photos from Flickr.

This idea for this post came to me as I was reading Elissa`s Dream destination series on her blog Ebb&Flow. Iceland and Santorini are on both our lists. The only explanation for this is that great minds think alike!

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  • Ha, you’re tickling my toes which only have a chance of a vacation starting june 2011 now 🙁 Boo boo instigator!

    Anywayz, I want to see and learn and know and to have set a foot on every inch of walkable earth/forest/mountain/field etc. You get my point. I know I’ll never end up like that, and that my sain mind tells me places where warmongering is still a fashion trend should be black-listed, but still, I wish I saw it all, and now and remember every instant and detail forever.

    Future ideas are for Japan and the States.

    But then I’d like to see the salt deserts in South America, Iceland is there too, and after reading NG I think, I want to see the Hebrides and Fingal’s Cave. I was re-reading Journey towards the Center of the Earth and that would be fun to do too, but not so realistic I must admit.

    Oh, and a dip in some sharky waters off New Zealand with its LOTR mountains…eehh, dream on!

  • If I have to pick the places which I most want to see in the moment, they are: Morocco (Casablanca, Marakesh, Fes) and Greece. And anywhere in Switzerland 😀

  • great minds to think alike! love the list!


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