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Rainy season

When we came back from vacation, and our Nice-Montreal flight landed on Canadian soil, the first thing that came to mind as we stepped outside of the airport was “Man, it’s so humid!”. That after having lingered on the shore of the Mediterranean. Probably the lack of breeze makes Montreal far worse than any other humid place, maybe just an inch below the Amazon jungle.


After the hellish heat wave  I was complaining about a few weeks ago, rain is now upon us. In enormous quantities! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer rains. They cool the air a bit, the smell of the water as it hits the hot asphalt is absolutely amazing, and sometimes for brief minutes before the storm begins, the light peering through the clouds is absolutely amazing!

Two days ago as I was walking home from the bus station it started pouring and I knew I would get soaked so I might as well enjoy it. I took off my glasses because, really what was the point in keeping them on when the water drops made everything blurry as an impressionist painting… I slowed my pace and tried to keep my eyes open because now, sans glasses the water drops were hitting my eyes furiously. I got drenched through my T-shirt and jeans in a matter of seconds, my shoes making this squeak-squeak sound with every step I took. The water felt so amazing on my face and I just couldn’t help but carry a huge grin on my face as I saw passers by struggling with their umbrellas and running towards the nearest eave. Despite the high content of H2O of my entire being, I was still jumping over the omnipresent puddles. The reason escapes me, habit, I guess… All this must have made for quite a sight!


I got home and after marking a trail of wet footprints from the door to the dryer, I changed clothes, but on my slippers and started preparing dinner. Two hours later D and I were enjoying some yummy chicken and an episode of House. Not bad for a rainy day!

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  • I can just imagine you running through that rain, being so carefree. I’m in the middle of a hellish move, but I also know that by this week’s end, I’ll be free! I hope it rains on my last night because I believe you’ve inspired me to do the same thing. That would be AWESOME to do as I head out for my last night!

    I’m back! Finally!

  • Two years ago, it was very hot when I entered the supermarket but raining cats and dogs when I was done shopping. I thought: who cares, I’m going home so I can get changed, so – just like you – I decided to enjoy it. Sadly, when I got home I realised I had been wearing my grandma’s wind-up wristwatch. I took it to a couple of jewellers the next day, but they all told me it was unrepairable 🙁


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