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My dears, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts and pictures from our latest trip to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Montreal. We went to the same festival last year too, but personally I enjoyed this year’s more, despite having had to wait for four hours before the balloons took off. I didn’t mind that at all because I had a new toy to keep me busy: we rented a tilt-shift lens for the weekend and I had so much fun with it!


We had some fast fair food – burgers, fries and some poutine I actually enjoyed and then I started taking pictures of everything: the rides, the people, the Ferris wheel and the colourful food stands.









I love carnivals, they’re so full of bright colours, and always make me think of the 1950s, my absolute favourite decade. I was actually wearing something that resembled an outfit from the 50s: high-waist pants and a nice red scarf tied in a bow over my hair. I wasn’t going for a mid-century thing but the guy at the lemonade stand said this is what my look reminded him of, and he liked it so much that he gave me a lemonade at half price. Oh yeah!


At six o’clock they started inflating the balloons (which was a show in itself and a reason for a lot of picture snapping). I tell you, seeing hundreds of balloons up in the air is so fairytale-like, so surreal. Much like a picture you would see in a children’s book.






Unfortunately the rides were too expensive so we had to be happy with just seeing the balloons fly over our heads and disappear in the distance…


Have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon?

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  • Alex! I was wondering how you were! Hope all is well–I miss reading your blog–hoping you will continue!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Alex, just out of curiosity, how much does renting a lens cost?


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