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Link love Fridays

Link love Fridays: “To Life!”

I’ve just seen this video on The Knotty Bride. How sweet and fun!



A comic book illustrator drew his marriage proposal.




I’m loving this hand shadow wallpaper.




What do you think of these vintage internet ads? I think they’re brilliant! There’s more – for Twitter and Skype too.




And finally, a sweet photo of a kitty, by talented photog Maria Hedengren.




I hope you have a great weekend, dears! On Monday D&I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. Two marriage-related posts will follow.

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  • That video was great!

    To put it in context, though, the groom’s a composer and lyricist who’s worked on Broadway, and everything was professionally filmed, lit, and choreographed. That’s not to diminish their work, however, but perhaps merely to point out that the legions of women who watch this video shouldn’t be expecting their own weddings to be of the same caliber.

    I think in one of your other marriage-related posts, I pointed out the same danger, Alex.

    When I was in England, one of my friends liked to watch a show called, “Don’t Tell the Bride,” where they give the groom money to organise the wedding, on the condition that the bride isn’t involved.

    Personally, it can be a bit horrible how much women and men expect from a wedding, having been bombarded with videos and images by the media. Literally trailer-trash couples expect Hollywood-style weddings, with helicopters, red carpets, gleaming silverware, etc. And now? What about professionally prepared and filmed song-and-dance numbers?

  • Saw that video not too long ago, damnnnnn, that’s LOVE!


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