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I got a problem

Only one? you’ll ask. No, many, many, many actually, but today’s is about my inability to understand lyrics. I hear a song on the radio or on the street somewhere and somehow my brain picks up completely different words than the ones actually sung.

I’ve already told you that in Pussycat Dolls’ song When I grow up, I though they said “boobies” instead of the actual “groupies”.

Today I realized there are three more others on the Alex-has-a-midbrain-problem list.

#2: Boney M, Painter Man: I heard “Ranger Man”. Weird, but hey, it was the 70s!

#3: Kelis, I’m bossy: I heard “I’m busted”. I’ve just watched the video for the first time, and frankly I’d rather stick to my version.

#4: Madcon, Beggin’: Instead of “beggin’ you” I heard “baby blue”.

In my defence, I’ve never had these songs in any of my playlists, I never listened to them entirely, I never saw the videos so I know them just from having heard them on the radio in a bus, or blasted through some speakers from a club or a car stopped at a red light. As for #4, D’s sister had the chorus of Beggin’ as her ringtone so I never heard the beginning part which makes it much clearer that we’re dealing with a verb and not a nursery color in the title. But still…

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  • Alex, that’s nothing.

    I listen to a lot of music. But for some reason, I noticed a few years back that I can not (CANNOT) remember any lyrics. There are songs I’ve listened to for years, but I have no recollection of the words. It always felt strange at school when there was a song, and everybody instantly knew the lyrics to—I knew the music, but not the lyrics. (That’s not to say I can’t sing Happy Birthday or something).

    I’ve no idea why that is. I guess I just don’t pay any attention to words when I listen to music. But it seems that others don’t pay any attention, either, and still manage to pick it up.

    Lately, however, I’ve been listening to a good deal of foreign music, which makes the whole lyric-remembering-inability a whole lot less awkward.

  • Are you sure it isn’t boobies? I sing boobies…. :

  • Haha, this reminds me a lot of my sister. She is ALWAYS singing the wrong lyrics to songs.. I pick on her because of it, hehe. It’s cute though! Because the lyrics she usually sings are WAAAY out there — doesn’t even make sense. But I can’t lie… I’ve done the same thing. 😛

  • Haha I do stuff like that all the time. I am constantly singing along to songs with the wrong words. I reckon sometimes it’s better my way.

  • I can never make lyrics out either. And then I’ll be singing something and my friends will be like, “WTF, dude, what song are you singing.” LOL.

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