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Just leave the dirty thoughts to me

The scene: talking about juicers and the fact that robust, stainless steel ones are the best, as opposed to smaller, flimsy ones that break apart after spewing three cups of carrot juice.

Me: The big ones are the best!

[Three seconds of silence]

Me (realising what I’ve just said): Okay, fine. I’ll say it. That’s what she said!

D (laughing): Ha ha! It didn’t even occur to me…


Sometimes I surprise myself.

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  • Haha. This reminds me so much of my work.. we’re always making jokes like that. Apparently, I say a lot of stuff that can be taken another way. 😛

  • LOL, that’s hilarious. There was a period of time where Josh was obsessed with saying that phrase. Sometimes it was really, really funny.


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