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A wee bit early for all the decking

Christmas decorations everywhere and it’s not even December! Trees have been brought to Montreal markets three weeks ago. And people have started buying them! This consumerism-driven trend is ruining Christmas day, I find. What it does is turn on the shop-till-you-drop button, granted with less of the materialistic guilt to it – because everything is done in the Christmas spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays! The smell of fir trees, the red and green combo, the twinkling lights all over the city, the carols, the giving (ok, and receiving) of prezunts, being with my loved ones and having a belly full with delicious food makes me very happy. But somehow I think I would appreciate the Christmas spirit even more if the decorating were done a few days before the 24th, as opposed to when the Thanksgiving turkey isn’t fully digested yet.

In my family we’ve always set up the tree on the 24th. D&I didn’t have one last year because we were gallivanting in NYC during the holidays but we’d like to get one this Christmas. In fact the thought of going to a plantation and choosing our own tree is very appealing, we’ll see how it goes. I’m toying with the idea of decorating it with origami cranes, but we’ll see how that goes as well.

How about you? Are you decorating a tree this year?

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  • Oh I want a tree too this year! It’s just that I’d rather get a ‘fake’ one… I know, they cut them down anyway, and throw a lot after nobody buys them, but … my dad never wanted to buy a fake one 🙂

    Anyways, I so second the consumerism opinion, I find it disgusting even… In FR they switch from Halloween decorations in shop directly to Christmas oriented isles… hate it… And a part of me also would like people to remember what Christmas really is, it’s religious…but the giving and enjoying loved ones’ company is part of the whole idea, so it’s not bad… just sad that we forget about the love and insist on presents, their worth and how many we get sometimes (I’m not putting you all in this category, but we all know they exist)

    Plus palm trees with Christmas decorations in a sunny weather is so not Christmasy…


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