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Girl talks Starcraft

As a child I’ve never been a fan of video games – I got bored quickly while playing, I found them a waste of time and whenever I had nothing to do, sitting in front of the computer didn’t seem very appealing. I was more of a bookworm than a digitized sound slash pixelized image lover. D is of course on the opposite side of the spectrum – I’m pretty sure he dreams in binary. And as far as computer games go, he’s tried them all – arcade style, the first generation of Prince of Persia, shoot ‘em up, and now the latest obsession, Starcraft.

He’s not one of those guys who stays glued to his chair, bladder bursting because hey, who’s got time to go to the bathroom, and whose keyboard has a smudged out G key due to the sheer number of GGs that have been typed. No, he’s not those guys. But he’s done a fair bit of playing, enough for me to get the gist of the game, be amazed at the fact that people are not content with playing, but actually watch replays on YouTube commented by a guy who introduces himself as H to the Usky Husky, and to realize that by golly, the characters in this game are really, really ugly. Honestly, I still don’t get why anyone in his right mind would choose to be on Giant Cockroach Team. And speaking of things I don’t get, in Korea Starcraft games between top-ranked players are broadcast on national TV, and take place in front of a mostly-female audience who cheer and scream and go nuts for their idols until the final G-Geeeeeee.

I have heard the phrase “You have not enough minerals” so many times that I actually find it amusing to use it myself in a robotized voice slightly out of context, like when we realize we don’t have enough cash while buying groceries. That reminds me… You know when I told you I have a mid-brain problem and I sometimes hear weird lyrics in songs? Well, one time when D was playing Starcraft with the sound on speakers (meaning I could partake in the complete sensory experience of zerg carnage), I was in the other end of the apartment and I kept hearing a witch-like voice saying “really quiet morning roads”. “Very, very creepy” I thought, but at the same time, I found it to be quite a change in the game from the regular sounds of giant bugs being blown up by colossi. “Is there a nostalgic/romantic side to Starcraft?” I wondered. Turns out, no. What the voice said was “You require more minerals”. Again, with the minerals, geez. Also, what is wrong with me?

Before you answer that question, one final anecdote, back from the time Starcraft was first launched, and of course all the geeks lined up in front of the computer store selling the game, at 12 am. According to D there must have been around one hundred people in line, much to the amazement of drunken party people passing by on their way to the next club. Perplexed, the clubbers asked what the deal was, what hot stuff was being sold there. Once they got their answer they started shouting “Starcraft, we’ve got free Starcraft here!”. Between you and me, I don’t think they knew what Starcraft was. Also I don’t think anyone in line appreciated the joke.

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  • :D:D:D

    You should write a book 🙂

    Well, I think I was more game-girl than others because as an only child with a curious dad, I got to have the first keyboard/computer which played video games on TV… that wins the-most-pixelized-image-ever award. Then I used to like Dyna bomber and Alladin later on… Starcraft was on the opposite hemisphere, I had a break from video games after growing up a little …rediscovered them through friends in high school and then university… I have all the Age of Empires (haven’t played them all, I’m waiting for the damn solar year long vacation) and am a very devoted viewer of everything my dearest tries out…it’s better than evening Tv shows most of the times so I love it!

    Here in France they have a tendency of saying: aw, the video games, they destroy our progeny, it’s the main cause for them becoming violent teenagers… and we go: are you nuts, do people in St Denis have the money to buy the material and play those video games? They are directly born into a freakin’ video game which is their life… Anyway, sorry for the deviation…

    And, don’t they have pre-ordering in Canada? Beats the hell out of waiting in line and ensures that you get it at the same price… The Starcraft II collector edition is pretty cool, the hangar doors are part of our bookcase now 🙂 and the exploding zerglings rock 😀

  • Starcraft…*my precious*

  • CriCri: yes, they do have pre-ordering here too. But that means that you’d get the game a few days *after* it was launched, and really, who can stand the wait?!

  • Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. That cracked me up. Especially because I can understand where you’re coming from. I think I only played 3 video games in my entire life, which is probably 3 more than most girls, so I think my nerd card won’t get revoked. But just barely. Those were ye olde Intellivision Space Battle (I think), Axe and Streeet Fighter II (I miss Blanka; and don’t even speak of that yogi-pansy Dhalsim, because la-la-la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you). *sigh* I miss being 12…


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