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Haphazard or the Three Fates’ Thread?

I’m so, so busy, guys. With my work at the lab, and the photoblog, and my to-be-announced Etsy shop, there’s just so much to be done… I’ve got a few drafts in my Live Writer (a tool you bloggers should definitely download!) but don’t seem to find the time to write an actual post. So I’ve asked my friend CriCri to write a guest post for me to which she readily agreed.

CriCri lives in the South of France (I’m so jealous!) and blogs in French at 1+1=NOUS (love the name) and in English at Energize.

Thanks so much, my dear!

Walking under ladders, opening an umbrella indoors, Friday the 13th… I do try not to let my scientifically-educated mind be a slave to superstition, but sometimes it’s just so darn hard not to become that person who carries around four leaf clovers in her wallet (sorry, I like rabbits, so keeping their feet doesn’t add up to the idea of shielding myself from accidents somehow). Well, I don’t keep anything cataloged as ‘lucky charm’, but here’s why this was a good idea to make everyone search their inner archives for reasons of unexplained fear of some classical superstitious myth:

You know how many families with two working parents have two cars? Well, we have two cars. It so happens that we took one to ‘the doctor’ yesterday morning and were going to check it out of the ‘hospital’ in the evening. While trying to sweep away the clouds of our work day, in our second car, we got to the car shop and while I was absently waiting for a sign of my sweetheart to say: ‘It’s A OK, you can go ahead and go home, they’re giving me the keys and I’ll be right behind you’, I was thinking ‘Man, this was a complicated long day and I sure hope it’s the end of it’.

Never, ever complain about your day until it’s completely over! And even then, there’s tomorrow to take charge for today.

Well, the sign never came, the car still had to have stitches removed :), so we left slightly disappointed that we would have to return the next day. While congratulating ourselves for choosing to head home on a longer but quieter road, seeing how the other way the cars were piling up for miles, we stopped at a red light (in the middle of nowhere) and heard a strange sound (like running over a rubber ball that squeaks?!) while driving away. Well, maybe something on the road or the car behind us.

1 km later on, in the middle of an intersection, no houses around, a black cat crosses our path. And I really try to chase those superstitions which seem so silly out of my mind. But honey gets so annoyed, and says you have to curse them well to scare away the evil that’s lurking around the corner to grab you (I don’t think how much of it he believes, but so be it, I’m still learning French, so even insults are welcome). Poor cats… my grandparents used to have one once.

Getting home, we slow down the car to enter the private parking of our building and start to hear a little rumble, like there’s an extra part of the car jumping joyfully around the seriously working ones. We park it and try to see where it’s coming from, but no luck. This morning, honey’s investigating with a friend from work to see how much more they can discover until we will probably take it to be looked at. Darn, and we’d just changed its transmission belt…

So, here it is ladies and gents, am I to start believing in my life’s Thread which has been wielded long before the Bang went Big? Or do I keep convincing myself coincidences are so much more probable when you drive a 100 000 km diesel Renault? (we’ve solemnly sworn never to buy a diesel French car again a long time before this).

Next time I see a black cat, I think I’ll keep saying: cats are just dumb when they jump in front of cars… I hope it gets to its owners safely… and that my car doesn’t die in the middle of the woods 🙂

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  • Oh dear!! :O
    I try not to be superstitious but I just can’t help myself haha.


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