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Link love Fridays

Link love Fridays

I’m posting this from the car as we’re driving to Quebec City. Got to love technology! As promised yesterday, here are this week’s links.

Girls in Windows by Ormond Gigli – this is not photoshopped, 43 women actually stood in the windows of a building in the 1960s. Read the story behind it here.


Jessica Hische is a font goddess.



Paris vs New York by Vahram Muratyan. Via A Cup of Jo.

paris-versus-new-york-big-apple paris-building-facade-new-york-illustration
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paris-tip-how-to-tip-in-paris-new-york espresso-illustration-paris-versus-new-york

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  • Here’s a question: Was it particularly important for you to mention the fact that the first picture wasn’t photoshopped? Is there a terribly large difference between taking 43 pictures of women and painstakingly arranging them into windows and doing the same, but having the women physically present? Without the caption, the end result would have been the same….

  • @Phil: I was trying to tell the idea behind the photo in a nutshell. If you look at it from the perspective of the “end product”, yes, the 2 ways of producing the image are equivalent. But keep in mind that this picture was taken in the 60s, there was no photoshop back then, and that building was on the point of being torn down – the picture was taken during the demolition workers’ lunch break, which added a bit of “dangerous” to the act of standing on a window ledge. Sometimes the story behind a photo is as important as the photo itself. So yes, I think it’s worth knowing that this image “actually happened”. It makes me appreciate it even more.

  • LOVELY!!! I saw this in A Cup of Joe and LOVED it. So simple, so well drawn, so cute (my kind of style).


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