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I’ve been MIA for the last few days mostly because my time has been divided between work at the lab and cleaning/decorating the apartment. D was away at a conference, so with the perturbing agent (ahem) out of the way I could focus on the cleaning.

The whole place is spotless now, squeaky clean and smelling heavenly (a mix of Mr Proper cleaner and lavender) but during all the process, you know what I realized? I am Monica. From Friends. Do you remember the episode when she leaves her shoes on the floor, because she’s a kook but then stays up at night obsessing about them? That was me the other night, after I heard a noise coming from the bathroom which could have only been a towel that had fallen ON THE FLOOR (gasp!). It took a few attempts to get the idea out of my head and try to force myself to fall asleep. When that failed, I had to get up, pick up the towel and hang it on the door. Where it belongs. Otherwise who knows, the whole solar system might lose its gravitational pull* and tip over.

I need help.

*Let’s all pretend no laws of Physics were violated by that statement, ok?

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  • It’s OK kid, you have a perturbing agent who will balance your needs , at least the efforts are necessary this way and you don’t squeaky clean squeaky cleanliness :)… I love to clean but then I also put some of the mess back during the week, otherwise how would I get to clean again 🙂 ?

  • CriCri, you’re right. Cleaning can be very liberating at times. And a good exercise. I tell ya’ this past week after all the scrubbing and the dusting and the sweeping, my arms were really sore.


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