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Today I…

– wished once more for a fog radar. Montreal was covered in fog again, and I left my camera at home. I’m hoping to take a picture of the downtown skyscrapers and I’d better do it quick, before the temperatures drop for good.

– made Tostitos + Bolognese-style dip for dinner. YUM! The secret is to put the Tostitos in the oven for 10 min or so. It gives them some extra crunch.

– prepared my camera + tilt-shift lens (I love that lens, what can I say) for the trip to Quebec City this weekend. Can’t wait! D will be at a conference and I’ll stroll around the city taking pictures.

– bumped my head against a no parking sign as I was looking at the shoes on display in a store window. This was bound to happen at some point.

– have prepared my Link Love list which I will share tomorrow.

What have you done today?


[photo by me, Quebec City this August]

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