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My take on Black Swan

I just got a reply from D confirming that we’re on for tonight. We’re going to see Black Swan. I just can’t wait. With all the publicity I’ve seen for it lately and if Natalie Portman is as good an actress as they say she is, I will not be disappointed, I’m sure!

Darren Aronofsky has also directed Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler and The Fountain, which I’m sure you knew. I loved all three of them, although, after Requiem, I was a bit scarred, to say the least – more like I wanted to curl up in a corner and cry… But in retrospect I loved all three movies, and I’m looking forward to tonight. Will be updating with my thoughts on this.

Do you plan to see it? Did you watch any of Aronofsky’s other movies?


Aaaand, I’m back!

This is a must see, dears! It immediately made me think of Fight Club, which I think I shall re-watch this weekend. After we left the theatre D said that “the movie had all the elements of a non blockbuster”. I agree. The shaky camera moves, the color grading (or lack of it), the noise in the images, all scream anti-Hollywood. It’s a psychological thriller and a horror movie combined into one, although the horror elements are so well hidden that you don’t readily distinguish them, but rather feel their effect. My skin crawled many times during the almost two hours and I think the main contributor to this were the sound effects. The sound of torn ligaments and crackling toes, squeaky floors and not to mention the odd flutters, hisses and rattles which come out of nowhere only to give you goose bumps (pun intended, you’ll see what I mean). All the elements and small details you realize the meaning of only after the movie has ended and settled in, portray the spiral of jealousy, fear, desire, bloody hallucinations that Nina experiences but which remains very disconcerting to the viewer – I still don’t know whether Lily was real or a figment of Nina’s imagination. It’s a rollercoaster ride into a frail mind which will leave you scared and thankful for your sanity.

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