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Link love Fridays

Link Love Fridays

I don’t really like eggs in other form than scrambled, but I’m starting to reconsider my decision after seeing this cute bird nest eggcup.

What a cool idea: rebranding the US Dollar – The Dollar ReDe$ign Project. Some of the submissions are fantastic!

Another great iPhone App: Word Lens. It translates text instantly, and all you need is your phone!

Amazing underwater sculptures!

I’m a great lover of stop motion videos. And this ad for Moleskine is absolutely brilliant!

Visualizing Facebook friendships. And this is how Paul Butler did this (as a side note, as I was reading his entry, I was telling myself “this could more or less easily be done in R”. And a few lines down, I read “At that point, I began exploring it in R, an open-source statistics environment”. I was quite proud of myself for thinking that).

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