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My plans for the holidays – a list

D and I were planning a trip to Havana during the holiday break, but that’s not going to happen. So instead we’re staying put. Although I would have loved to go, the avid traveller that I am, I must confess I look forward to relaxing for a week. My plans for the ten-day vacay include:

– finish decorating the apartment (things to do include: painting a side table, hang the art in the bedroom, make a jewelry stand for my necklaces, and finally take pictures of the end product and show them to the internet)

– make this necklace

– finish all the photography projects I have in mind

– finish the cosmetic changes to my Etsy store

– update Flickr

– convince D to watch Made Men or Dexter with me

– a snow photoshoot

– bake some kind of pastry

– write up some of the posts that have been lying in my Drafts folder for months. One of them will be on the swear words in France, US and Quebec. Not kidding.

– talk to my sister on the phone for ridiculous amounts of time.

– indulge in eggnog.

Now that I think about it, it’s more of a big TO DO list, but I think I will enjoy doing every item on it. Especially the last two.

What are your plans?

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