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From MMX to MMXI

For those of you still reading this, you might remember the list I posted a while back, before the holidays, with things I wanted to get done during the holidays. Well, some items got done, some didn’t. This brings me to the reason I don’t bother making New Year resolutions (except the abstract kind like “read more”, “blog more frequently”, “take more photos”, i.e the ones that are not easily quantifiable): laziness, procrastination, or whatever you may wish to call it.

This being said, although I am a bit disappointed for not moving my butt and getting all those things done, I must say I enjoyed this little vacation. D&I did a small wintery photoshoot (more on this later), we watched loads of movies (have you seen The Town? I really liked it), took naps in the afternoon (I can’t believe I used to hate that when I was a child), we also watched Mad Men (it’s definitely one of the best TV shows I’ve seen in a while, we’re hooked and can’t wait for season 5) and I made two necklaces for myself. I decided against eggnog this season (given my dislike for eggs in all forms but scrambled) but we tried London Fog, a yummy drink made with milk, Earl Grey tea and vanilla.

I must confess though, this holiday schedule (going to bed past 1am and waking up at 11am) was fun while it lasted, but I bet tomorrow morning I will not be as happy when the alarm goes off and my eyes refuse to open.

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  • So funny. I wrote the same thing, blog more. Glad you got some good rest. We watched The Town over Christmas too. Really good. I too took a nap. They are the best. Good luck getting back into the swing of things.


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