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Link love Fridays

Link Love Fridays

19 Jan 2010

First things first, if you didn’t know about Damn You Autocorrect, you’re missing out on some serious laughing. And I mean SERIOUS. Tears, stomach cramps, achy face muscles guaranteed. My favorite autocorrect fails are these ones.

And you know what else is funny? This cat video. Who knew they liked bunny hats that much?* {Via Unruly Things}

Awesome app for iPhone: Cut the Rope. I don’t normally like computer games, but this is so cool! Plus that little candy-loving creature is adorable.

It might be that I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men and their 60s ads, but doesn’t this minimalist packaging look so much better? The one for Schweppes is definitely better. {Via Yes and Yes}

An amazing dorm room. It’s astonishing what good taste can do… {Via A cup of Jo}

This is how this Mad Men picture on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine got photoshopped. A very lousy job, IMO. And whoaa! do January Jones’ (Betty Draper) legs look weird! {Via A Cup of Jo}

* Later edit: the cat video is actually played backwards. Cats don’t really like bunny hats… too bad…

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