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Scientists kick Lady Gaga’s ass

Initially I wanted to post this video in my Link Love Fridays post. But it’s just so kick-ass that it deserves its own post.

What a mind-blowing idea, right? Which further proves that PhD students are incredibly awesome. we watched this video at the lab and we were saying that any scientist can relate to some part of it. We were particularly amused by the microtome (0:36), the singer’s outfit from the chorus, made of orange biohazard bags and a disposable plastic pipette corset. Brilliant, wouldn’t you say?

My personal favorite is the “Blot, blot Western baby” part. The costumes in that section are killer good. Oh and also, the part about the crazy ass mice. I can totally relate to that one.

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  • Hilarious! I think all science students would love this!

    xo Mary Jo

  • I laughed out loud at this. And I liked it better than the original song. LOL.

  • Brilliant! And I have to agree with Constant Complainer….I like this MUCH better than the original!

  • You scientists are wild and crazy.

  • Love the blog entries! Keep it up 🙂 p.s loooove the design


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