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They’re real Cubans, Jerry.

My life is a never-ending Seinfeld reference. But this episode is neither about cigars, nor cigar rollers from Cuba. It’s about peppers.

Ever since I left Romania ~ 10 years ago, I’ve missed a good feta cheese + pepper sandwich. It used to be a favorite snack of mine. That and toast + butter + garlic. [Aaaand I’ve got a waterfall in my mouth right now.] While in France, I did enjoy their gazillion types of cheeses and yogurt but I was still wanting those damned peppers. Then I moved to the UK, and suffice it to say, food-wise, biggest disappointment ever. Now I’m in Canada. And I finally found my peppers holy grail! Behold, the Cuban.

cuban cubanelle pepper

I’m not the only one craving things like a pregnant woman. D has been adding green bell peppers to our grocery basket trying to substitute the real thing, although honestly, there is no substituting this awesome creation.

I must have squeaked with glee when I first saw a whole bunch of Cubans on a supermarket shelf. It was like having found water in the desert, or some precious treasure on an island. I remember I bought ~ 2 lbs of these (that’s a lot!) and when I got home I told D I had a surprise for him – I know in some couples when the woman says that it usually means sexy underwear, champagne, and any kinky stuff going on through your mind right now, for me, at that time it meant a bag of peppers.

I like chopping them transversally, in rondelles, and use them in salads along side tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers and grapeseed oil. +/-vinegar. They taste so much better than bell peppers because they’re not as bitter and their flavor mixes well without masking that of other fresh vegetables.

Back in Romania you could find them all summer long, until September-October, so I thought I wouldn’t taste any until the end of spring. But today I saw them at the grocery store and I stocked up. Obviously. While supplies last, right? D thought this Cuban rush as he called it was quite amusing and he even did an impression of me adding a few peppers to our shopping basket although I know full well there are more waiting in the fridge. I guess the image that best describes my relationship with these Cubans is this:Scrat acorn heaven


       [wherein acorns = peppers]


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  • Same craving but for pickled ‘gogosari’…I looove sour food :), and these juts make the top of my favorites list…and I miss them…

  • Haha I make Seinfeld references for everything, too. I’m glad you found materials to make your awesome sandwich!


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