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15 Jan 2010

I love bread. With all my heart digestive tract. But not just any kind of bread. My favorite is the kind that has a crunchy crust and makes this exquisite sound when you break it, leaving crumbles all over the table.

Obviously French-style baguettes are great, but I don’t really like the soft, spongy middle, plus they go bad the next day, so you’d better be hungry and finish one off really quickly.

Lately I’ve started buying sourdough bread (pain au levain in French) from the bakery downstairs. It’s real heaven, I tell you! And it keeps very well for a few days, if you wrap it up in a tea towel. Right now I’m craving a piece with raspberry jam and salted butter. You’d think the sweet + salted combo wouldn’t work, but it SO does!

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  • Mmm. I love French baguettes. Seriously, it’s the number one thing I miss most from Paris. The bread here just doesn’t quite taste the same. There’s a lil beligum bakery I found in Montreal in my last visit that did French baguettes quite well though. Le sigh. Carbs… =)..

  • They actually have a baguette contest in France (or more exactly Paris…I think, I saw something on TV:) And the sound the crust makes is one of the criteria for winning 🙂

  • I usually just eat the crunchy crust and throw away the soft, white middle. Yummy!

  • OMG, if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be BREAD.

    I loooooooooove bread with all my heart and soul! And like you, I prefer the bread with a crunchy outside. French is my favorite. I could make a feast out of bread and salad.

    That rasberry jam and salted butter sounds heavenly!

  • I dislike crunchy bread. It makes such a mess.

    I love the kind of bread they have at Subway (though I rarely go). Lightly toasted on the outside and soft on the inside. Yum!

  • Potatoes & bread — my two favorite foods in all of the world. 🙂 I really like rustic bread as well. My husband and I have been buying a lot of different types lately… nothing better than slicing up a loaf of bread, pouring a little olive oil on it then baking it ’til it’s golden brown and crunchy. 😀


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