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I was going to start by saying I am not really a foodie. But here I am, blogging about food, and particularly about what makes me salivate – I’ll get to that shortly. So I stand corrected. I am a foodie. Now. I wasn’t one five years ago. I couldn’t really tell you what brought on the love of food, of good food. Maybe it was the fact that I finally had a fully equipped kitchen of my own (well, more or less fully, more or less my own) where I could pretend I actually knew what I was doing. Or maybe it was all the cute utensils, shiny bowls and colorful pots, pans and colanders I see in the little boutiques I peruse on Sundays.

It doesn’t matter, really. The why. What matters is that I enjoy food. Cooking it, looking at it, smelling it and of course savoring it. My Mom is still amazed that I cook on a regular basis, recipes new to me and to her. She thought I would grow up to be one of those girls whose culinary experience is reduced to heating frozen processed meals in the microwave. But I surprised her (and myself) by actually enjoying the Martha Stewart game.

That being said, let the salivating begin.

I like stew-type dishes. I hate eating frozen vegetables heated and thrown on the plate straight from the bag. I try to eat as little meat as I can. But sometimes I crave a juicy steak. D is willing to indulge me and we go to this great steakhouse that serves delicious beef. We always buy organic chicken. (You would not believe the difference it makes!) As far as fish goes, I like salmon and pangassius. We usually eat both kinds grilled with tons of semi-boiled broccoli, avocado and rice. We recently tried edamame (soybeans in a pod) at a Japanese restaurant and just loved it so I’ll try to incorporate more of it in our meals. It’s so great as a snack!

I don’t really like sweets. There was a time a few years back when I didn’t like chocolate. What?!  I kid you not. I’m over it now, and I like chocolate again, but almost never crave it. What I do like from the dessert category are raspberry pies, and Hungarian poppy seed or pecan rolls… Oh, and my Mom’s home baked cakes – they’re divine! I can’t stand brownies. Especially the ones with fudge on top. Talk about sugar craze! Or cupcakes. What’s the deal with those? They look pretty but the fondant or buttercream is just abnormally sweet.

I love yogurt. The plain type, not the fruity kind, that one seems so weird and artificial… In France I saw a lot of people put sugar in their plain Danone yogurts and turn it into a dessert. I guess that’s better than having a fruity yogurt with lots of additives in it, right? And speaking of dairy, icecream, icecream, iceacream! My favorite kind is pistachio. But I won’t say no to mango or raspberry flavored ones either. 

I’m no fan of Indian and Mexican food. I don’t like spicy stuff, I feel that it distracts my taste buds from the actual taste of the food. I do love looooove garlic though. I would eat it with everything. And by that I mean raw garlic, not cooked. I remember when I was a kid, I used to eat soup (the sour kind frequent in Eastern European cuisines) with bread and  a few cloves of garlic. It was awesome! Now I can’t really do that because of you know, social etiquette and stuff. But suffice it to say I am a bit drooling just by thinking about it.

I feel I should stop here before I drive myself (and you) insane with cravings and hunger you didn’t know you had in you. But I promise I’ll come back to this soon with some of my favorite recipes.

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  • 🙂 I became a foodie myself.

    But, unlike you, I really love sweets and all the baking associated with them. Let’s say my signature dishes include: crispy orange duck with a nice flavored sauce, cheesecake brownies, chocolate lava cake, blueberry/blackberry muffins glazed with lemon flavored cream cheese 🙂

    We’ve recently returned from a trip to Beijing where I ate the most amazingly cooked veggies… I really need to learn their secrets 🙂

    I can’t wait for your favorites, I know you’ll post some amazing pics as well 🙂


  • Yummmm, slurp, slurp!
    Since you brought the garlic, I’m adding the onion… I miss that. Eating it raw, with ‘sarmale’ … the garlic I loved with fish… Oh, and those great spring onions, with just a bit of cheese and in green salads, argh, I miss all that. I’m not too sugary either, I love to try a huge array of food, but sugar isn’t something I miss… until my knees buckle due to its lack. But as an opposite to you, I always loved cooking with my mom or gran, so all I’ve been waiting for is a good kitchen with some room. It’s good now, but not as great as we’d like, and I don’t have enough time, but the dream is coming true 🙂 We just need to buy a sushi rice making machine one day from Japan, and it’ll be great :P.

  • I do love chocolate. I’ll admit. Must agree on the spicy stuff. Can’t handle it.


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